Yardley Gobion Parish Council

Serving the Community of Yardley Gobion

Last of the Autumn colours - Chestnut Green - Nov 2011

Clerk: Miss Lesley Ratcliffe
9 Moorend Road, Yardley
Gobion, Towcester
Northamptonshire NN12 7UF

Tel: 01908 542150

Community Safety

This page contains information about Yardley Gobion's NeighbourHood Watch scheme, and also information from the Police and other organisations, to help residents improve their personal safety and the safety of their homes.

NeighbourHood Watch (NHW)

The Yardley Gobion NeighbourHood Watch Scheme has been running for just over three years in its present form. The overall philosophy of the scheme is to help the community and Police, together with other local organisations, to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

Information is shared using email with a view to informing villagers of potential anti-social behaviour. There is also a dedicated NeighbourHood Watch Police contact telephone number which is to be used when members have concerns or information of problems in the village and surrounding area.

The local scheme also has the facility to inform local residents of other important information and activities, such as planning information and SNC changes to local services caused through bad weather, etc.

For more information and to sign-up, please contact Mrs Tina Adey, Tel: 01908-542709

Rural Safer Community Team (Northamptonshire Police)


Below are details of how to obtain advice or report any concerns relating to postal, email or telephone scams.


Tel: 01604 707900

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