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Latest News

New Dog Waste Bin

New Dog Waste Bin

Posted: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 11:38 by Tina Britt

A new and considerably larger dog waste bin has installed in Broad Lane, Default - replacing the smaller receptacle - by the Parish Council. This was in response to the observation that this bin is filled within days of the contractors emptying it. More »

Joan Rogers was the first to use the bin to dispose of Labrador Goldie's most recent mess, and was delighted to be able to leave the waste there and she and Goldie enjoyed the rest of their walk.

Goldie doesn't care how big the bin is, so long as he can leave the smell behind him.

Please remember that it is an offence to not pick up your dog's mess, and carries a fine of up to £1,000 » Less

Speed Activation Sign for Default Parish Council

Speed Activation Sign for Default Parish Council

Posted: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 11:07 by Tina Britt

Residents in the Default Parish Council have raised concerns about the increasing problems of speeding vehicles in the area. Following a consultation with residents to investigate where the main problems were located, Default Parish Council has decided to purchase a Speed Activation Sign. The sign will flash up the vehicle speed if it exceeds the maximum speed limit for the designated road. These signs have been shown to help reduce the speed of vehicles and make roads safer for drivers and pedestrians. The sign will initially be installed on Kirby Lane where the largest number of complaints have been received. More »

The sign is movable and the council plans to relocate it from time-to-time to tackle other parts of the Parish Council suffering from speeding traffic. Vehicle speed data is collected and this can be passed to the police so that additional enforcement measures can be put in place where serious speeding problems are identified » Less