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Digital mapping

GAPTC is collaborating with Pear Technology, suppliers of mapping tools to parish and town councils across the UK, to put on a workshop to showcase the benefits and advantages of digital mapping.

Pear Technology is extremely experienced in digital mapping for local councils and presents a complete step-by-step service for map preparation and software training. As well as offering compellingly accurate cemetery and allotment map creation, they can generate an entire digital map of your region – so you'll have fully interactive digital maps from which to contextualize and plan council activities.

Pear Technology provides a one-stop shop for council mapping and associated needs. Digital mapping can help local councils identify all council land and assets, organise maintenance contracts, prepare development plans, plan events, manage cemeteries and allotments, communicate with the public and exchange information with local authorities.

The presentation will cover:

The PSMA (Public Sector Mapping Agreement) including how it works, how to join etc

Mapping of assets, cemeteries, allotments, trees

How digital mapping can be used to help run and manage: Public events, street markets, public rooms and buildings, sports pitches etc


£10 per person (£20 non-members)


13 February 2019 10am - 1130am

VENUE: Gambier Parry Hall, Highnam Community Centre GL2 8DG