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Risk Management & Internal Audit

COURSE TUTOR: Rosanne Fleming

Are you risk-ready for Localism? Understanding your risks and how to manage them will be critical to helping you to successfully deliver services under the new powers that the Localism Act brings.

Local councils need assurance about their governance arrangements. Two key parts of the governance framework are effective risk management and robust internal audit arrangements.

A training session has been put together by Rosanne Fleming, a Risk Management and Internal Audit specialist, to provide LRALC Members with:

  • an introduction to Risk Management
    • understanding what risk management is;
    • why getting it right is important to Local Councils now and in the future;
    • de-mystifying the jargon;
    • identifying what your main risks are likely to be; and
    • how to assess, record and manage them.
  • an overview of Internal Audit
    • what its role is;
    • do you really need it?
    • how it differs from External Audit requirements;
    • how it can provide independent and objective assurance on current activities;
    • providing advice and assistance on new projects and activities.

The purpose of the training session is to develop Members' understanding of governance arrangements and provide an opportunity to explore the needs of Local Councils in terms of the level of assurance you may currently require.

It will also give food for thought as to what assurance and risk management arrangements might be required if you venture into delivering new and different services.

Rosanne Fleming is the Managing Director of Greenbiro Audit Services and has 15 years of local government experience in internal audit and risk management. She has also worked with a number of local councils to develop their internal audit plans and their risk management arrangements.


£35 per delegate (member rate)

£110 per delegate (non-member rate)


Tuesday 18th March 2014

1pm – 4pm

VENUE: Jubilee Hall, Anstey