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Schools in Wickersley

The Church School can be traced back to 1714 when Leonard Purseglove was master. The early school was conducted in private houses and in a small building near the main road. A new National School and master's house was erected in 1855 at a cost of £750. On the death of the master, Thomas Shaw, in 1864 a dispute arose between the Rector and the Vestry Meeting over the right to appoint a new master. The Rector prevailed but the Vestry attempted to keep the old school going by appointing a master of their own. This breakaway failed after a few years for want of pupils and the old school was converted into a stable and then a blacksmith's shop and a storeroom before being sold by the Parish Council for £45 in 1911. By the 1890s the National School housed c150 pupils with three teachers.

With the growth of population in the village, the church school became overcrowded and in 1909 a temporary tin school was erected on Bawtry Road. The temporary school was replaced by the Bramley and Wickersley Council School in 1911. These buildings now form the nucleus of Wickersley School and Sports College. The building of houses at Listerdale led to a great increase of children at the Council School which was not relieved until the opening of Listerdale Primary School in 1938. This enabled the Wickersley schools to be re-organised and the Council School became a mixed Secondary school. The Church School became Voluntary Controlled Primary School in 1947 and a new Church School, St Albans Primary, was erected in 1965.

Wickersley Northfield Lane Primary School opened in 1967 - again in response to an increasing Wickersley population.

Bramley and Wickersley Council School built in 1911

Wickersley School and Sports College

New buildings at Wickersley School and Sports College

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