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Your Local Councillors

Kirk Langley Parish Councillors

Meetings of the Parish Council are usually held on Tuesdays in Kirk Langley Village Hall. There are 9 meetings a year. The Annual Parish Meeting is held in April and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council is held in May.

Our Councillors are all currently elected onto the Council, if you would like to become a Councillor in the future or find out more about what they do then please follow the links below.

District Council Councillors (Amber Valley Borough Council)

Borough Cllr Jane Orton

Brun Meadows
Brun Lane
Kirk Langley

01332 824233 or 07973 338985

County Councillor (Derbyshire County Council)

County Councillor David Taylor
The Green
DE56 2SJ

01773 550573

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