Environmental Issues, Actions & Research

The Parish Council have a committed Environmental Working Group and, as such, have been meeting to consider and pursue a range of local, national and international issues:

Renewable Energy

The Parish is encouraging the use of all types of renewable energy.

Working with Mendip DC and neighbouring parishes, advice can be offered on solar panels for groups of houses. Investigations are being made to lay photovoltaic panels along cycle paths. There is also an opportunity to set up community wind turbines in villages.

St Cuthbert Out produced power in the past from mills located along the rivers Axe and Sheppey as well as St Andrews Stream. Contact has been made with the owners of some of the historic mill sites to test the feasibility of installing micro hydro turbines to generate electricity.

Other topics under investigation:-

  • An improved bus service to Castle Cary railway station. The introduction of electric buses and slinky buses linking outlying villages with urban centres.
  • Electric vehicle chargepoints
  • Extensions to the existing cycle path network to include the Wells/Coxley route plus improved pedestrian and cycle links to local schools and businesses.
  • Darker skies initiative to be piloted to assess the level of community support.
  • Biodiversity and wildlife work includes monitoring Ash dieback, replanting land in Easton and Wookey Hole and incorporating planting and wildlife corridors along foot and cycle paths.

Key reports

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