Your Parish Councillors

St Cuthbert (Out) Parish Council has 4 wards - North, South, East and West. There are 17 Councillors representing these 4 wards.

vast panorama showing the Somerset Levels stretching out to a ribbon of water which is Bridgwater Bay

Your other Local Elected Representatives

Mendip District Council

Cllr Lucie Taylor-Hood


Mobile:07585 507245

Cllr Mike Pulllin


Phone: 01749 673665

Somerset County Council

Cllr Mike Pullin

Member of Parliament

James Heappey MP
House of Commons

By email:

  • Constituency office, by telephone: 01749 343255
  • London Office, by telephone: 020 7219 4289

Constituency address: 10 Broad Street, Wells, BA5 2DN

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