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Beating the Bounds - Rothersthorpe

Beating the Bounds - Rothersthorpe's Interactive Heritage Trail

History, what's it all about?

Beating the bounds is a centuries old tradition with the purpose of reminding everyone of parish boundaries and places of cultural and historic importance. This event was common across English Parishes and usually took place during Rogationtide, the fifth week after Easter where rectors and local dignitaries would walk the Parish Bounds. Those who joined in the walk including children would carry sticks of willow and "beat" the boundary markers, whipping them with their willow sticks. In some ceremonies children had their heads bumped on boundary stones to imprint them firmly to memory!!

Today Parish Boundaries are not so important and have not been documented clearly on modern maps and other boundaries have been removed or replaced due to urban expansion. Local people may not only be unsure about the boundaries but actually be unaware that the land has any special status or historical significance.

Get out and explore Rothersthorpe's history

Rothersthorpe "Beating the Bounds" is not about whipping our local landmarks with sticks or bouncing young children off of boundary stones, its an opportunity to get out and excersise across the Parish Boundary of Rothersthorpe, take in some great views and rediscover the hidden gems of our village or to acquaint visitors with the Parish!

Through Rothersthorpe Parish council and [Local Grant Sponsorship] and landowners we are proud to present Rothersthorpe's Interactive Heritage Trail.

Aim of the Rothersthorpe Heritage Trail

The aim of the Rothersthorpe Heritage Trail is to document our local history by compiling open source data, personal local accounts, pictures and anecdotes so we can build a intimate account of what makes Rothersthorpe great! We want to share our history and traditions with all villagers and visitors to the Parish!

Across Rothersthorpe parish boundaries, landmarks and sites of historic importance you will find a Heritage Trail Plaque with a QR code, Scan the code on an Android or IOS Smartphone QR code reader and visualise local history at your feet!

You don't have to wait until the fifth week after Easter, you can Beat the Bounds and walk the Rothersthorpe Heritage trail whenever you like and at your own pace. Out on a walk, visit a new landmark each time or set yourself a challenge and hunt down all the locations in one activity, the choice is yours!

The Rothersthorpe Heritage Trail also aims to encourage walkers and locals to report any issues or concerns with Highways and public rights of way through Fix My Street Northampton so the trail can be maintained for everyone's enjoyment.