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Working with the Community since 1894

Green Belt Defence Working Party (RAGE)

Picture looking out across fields of Redbourn

St Albans District Council (SADC) are in the process of updating their housing development plan, known as the Strategic Local Plan (SLP). This plan is to run for 20 years, though, as it has already been delayed, the period actually runs from 2011 - 2031.

This has involved the SADC commissioning an independent housing requirement forecast, along with an independent Green Belt Review as well as SADC devising a matrix on environmental, social and economic factors. Through this process SADC have determined how many houses we need to build and where. This has led to the possibility of removing some Green Belt land for housing.

Redbourn Parish Council is against development on our Green Belt but recognises the need for housing in the District and as a result formed the action group R.A.G.E. – Redbourn Against Greenbelt Erosion. This group keeps the community up to date on important issues from the SADC meetings we attend, forging links with other local groups who want to protect our District's Green Belt from urban sprawl as well as providing a platform for open discussion. Our aim is that by working together we can try and ensure that future generations get to enjoy this green and pleasant land for many years to come.

Agendas and Minutes

Issues discussed and decisions made at Redbourn Against Greenbelt Erosion (RAGE) meetings are recorded in agenda's and minutes which can be found in our Council Meetings Calendar, here you will find all papers associated with each meeting linked to the calendar entry.

Alternatively all of our documents are stored in our document management system (DMS) so you can also view our agendas and minutes this way too. You can set the filter to select documents of interest.

To find out more about what Green Belt Defence (RAGE) is responsible for click on the Terms of Reference document below