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Working with the Community since 1894

Fireworks Working Party

Picture of fireworks and fairground on Redbourn Common

The Fireworks committee as we know it formed in circa 2000 after a few years break due to Health and Safety concerns around the use of a Bonfire, and the effect on the environment.

Councillor Colin O'Donovan persuaded the Parish Council to restart the fireworks celebrations as a separate self-funding concern, in a new format - with any profits generated being donated to local Charities.

The newly formed fireworks working party relaunched the fireworks night as we know it today, reintroducing the Fairground to help fund the event and providing a professional fireworks display instead of the bonfire.

The first year in the new format was a resounding success - with the event paying for itself before even a single firework went off. As the years have gone by, the costs have increased, and this popular community event would not be able to take place each year without the help and support of Volunteers, Local Businesses and also the assistance of the Deputy Clerk - with administration and organising the road closures etc.

Looking ahead to this year's display, the committee continue to meet on a bimonthly basis and are always looking for new volunteers to join. They are also in great need of volunteers on the day, in various different capacities - ranging from car park attendant to shaking collection buckets. Without enough volunteers on the day this event becomes harder and harder to put on. If you would like to get involved please contact