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Neighbourhood Development Plan

In 2003 the first Village Plan for Kineton was developed. It detailed the needs and aspirations of the Community and covered all areas of development; social, economic, environmental and structural. It created objectives for the Parish Council and, to some extent, had a limited influence over planning matters.

In 2011 the Parish Council identified the need to commence an update of that Plan. Shortly after that decision the Localism Act was enacted, bringing with it the opportunity to develop Neighbourhood Plans to run alongside the Core Strategy for the District. The associated legislation to support Neighbourhood Planning came into force in April 2012. Resulting from this, Kineton Parish Council concluded that greater effort should be dedicated to the development of a Neighbourhood Plan, with work on an updated and relevant Village Plan to run in parallel.

This document is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research, consultation and refinement by a small team of dedicated and concerned residents of Kineton and Little Kineton. That team also successfully applied for grant funding to meet a significant proportion of the costs of producing this Plan.


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