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Thank you to Brian Billingham

Thank you to Brian Billingham

As some of you may know already, Brian Billingham our stalwart village volunteer, has decided to cut back a little!

Brian has decided to retire from one of his regular voluntary roles: the cutting of grass and
general clearing and tidying of leaves in the children's playground at the top of Lodge Road.
Brian has given his time freely for many, many years and has often used his skills to repair
and improve the fences, gate and benches in the playground. Regardless of the seasons
and weather, Brian has diligently and quietly made sure that the playground is fit for use for
generations of village children.

We would like to thank Brian for his tireless efforts and energy over the years.
Never fear! Brian will still be volunteering for other group activities as a keen member of the
village volunteers.

Thank you, Brian on behalf of the whole village.

Robin Moore
Little Houghton Parish Council
07967 596979

Posted: Thu, 17 Mar 2022 12:14 by Liz Turner

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