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Speeding in the village

During our September meeting we considered the increasing volume and speed of traffic flowing through the village. Our concern is always to create a safe, peaceful environment for everyone; our children, walkers, people exercising dogs as well as cyclists and the cars and commercial vehicles using the roads.

We have been discussing the studies to reduce speed of vehicles through villages carried out by West Northants Council. This includes a trial 20mph speed limit in selected villages and similar to that already in operation in Northampton town centre. Our district councillors have been considering our options with WNC's Speed Limit Review Panel.

Peter Harrison, our village highways warden and his team of volunteers have been busy clearing the overhanging branches that were obscuring the current 30mph signs at the entrance to the village to improve their visibility.

Councillors have approved the purchase of vehicle activated speed indicator signs for the roads entering the village. These remind drivers of the speed they are travelling and have proved successful in reducing the number of speeding vehicles in other villages. Selena, our Clerk has applied for a licence to install these signs which we hope to do asap.

We are also aware that the parking in the village causes concern and many residents have brought this to our attention. Although residents are careful and considerate when parking, visitors, deliveries, casual workmen etc., whose parking is often temporary, or for just a few minutes can sometimes make it difficult for traffic passing through the village. The parish council have no powers over the parking of vehicles in the village but there is a code of conduct which we will review and publish which may help.

Hopefully these actions will help make the village a safer place.

However, if there are other ideas which you know have been successful, we would encourage you to let us know so we can consider them.

Robin Moore


Little Houghton Parish Council

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Posted: Wed, 10 Nov 2021 19:21 by Jack Sumeray

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