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Queensway Park - Community Project proposal


South Derbyshire District Council have approached Melbourne Parish Council regarding the current use and condition of the park located at the top of Grange Close and Coronation Close along Queensway. They have suggested that a community group could be established to rejuvenate the park and create a new area in the town which can be used by residents - whether it be as a playground, sports pitch or community garden. SDDC currently provides basic maintenance of the area - primarily consisting of mowing the grass and basic remedial work to the equipment. There are no plans for SDDC to do anything further in the park, and it will remain in its current state under their maintenance.

Melbourne Parish Council are therefore seeking community feedback to ascertain opinion on its current use, and whether there is enthusiasm amongst residents to take on an ongoing community project. We believe this would be a great opportunity for residents, and for the area as a whole, to take advantage of. The Parish Council would lease the land from SDDC, but it would be up to a community group to undertake any fundraising and work required to bring such a project to fruition.

Please take the time to complete the short questionnaire below so that we can help in providing the best for the community, based on what the community want. The survey will be open until 31st August 2021.

Queensway Park Proposal

This survey is here to see what residents' opinions are regarding the current and potential use of the park located just off Queensway, and to see whether there is any local interest in creating a dedicated space that is maintained by a community group.

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