Serving the people of Kirk Langley

Cllr Jordan James

Representing Whatstandwell.

I took an interest in the Parish Council when I moved to the Fritchley in 2016. I was welcomed by the Community and fellow Councillors and was co-opted to take a seat at the Council in 2018. Since then I have been on a steep, but enjoyable, learning curve.

I am a keen gardener, studying landscape design and a RHS qualification in Horticulture. I have designed and landscaped our current garden which is ever changing when new ideas spring to mind. I play an active role in the Open Garden's Community Group for Crich, and open our own garden each year. Our vision as a Group is to improve upon our open spaces for the community within our villages, working with the Parish Council on additional floral displays each year not only for parishioner's enjoyment and benefit, but that of our natural environment and insects that we are so fortunate to be surrounded by.

I am currently the Lead of the Council's Climate and Re-Greening Action Group – or as we call it 'CRAG' – formed in 2019Our aim is to make recommendations to Council to 'green' the village and sustain it for future generations. We have already managed to plant 30 trees donated by the Woodland Trust, as well as rejuvenating the planter located on the circle of land at the corner of Bulling Lane. All of this was achieved in partnership with the Parish Council, the Open Garden's Group and local residents - just goes to show what a little bit of team working can achieve - what a great result in these difficult times! Further planting and ideas will be forthcoming in the coming months.

My personal career has been in estate agency and property management. Having worked in the industry for nearly 10 years I have a wealth of knowledge on Residential Sales and Property Management. I have been fortunate to renovate property and have enjoyed this immensely with the challenges faced.

I now embark on an exciting Property Management Portfolio for a well-known Estate within the county.

Thorndale Cottage
Dimple Lane
DE56 2HP
07568 592695

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