Serving the people of Horsted Keynes

Youth Council

In May 2022, Councillors approved the formation of the Youth Council as part of the Parish Council and appointed Cllr Soper as the Youth Council Liaison Member.

Child Protection

Horsted Keynes Parish Council is fully committed to ensuring that children (those under the age of 18) are protected and kept safe from harm whilst they are engaged in any activity associated with the Parish Council.

Youth Councillors

Initally 5 youths volunteered to be a part of the Youth Council.

Night Walk

Night walk between Lindfield and Horsted Keynes

Night walk between Lindfield and Horsted Keynes

On 15th May 15 young people join walked 7km from Lindfield to Horsted Keynes. Well done to our Youth Council (aged 9-12) for organising a fantastic night hike.

Chess Club

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