Serving the people of Horsted Keynes

The parish has two conservation areas in Horsted Keynes village and at Birch Grove.

Horsted Keynes Conservation Area

Horsted Keynes Conservation Area was designated in January 1985. It includes the two oldest parts of the village. The first is centred on Church Lane and contains a number of historic buildings dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, and the 11th century church. The second is centred on The Green, and includes parts of Station Road, Lewes Road and the southern end of Church Lane. The Green is a spacious open area lined by two storey buildings of predominantly brick construction with those on the southern side well set back from the road. Many of the properties around The Green and along Church Lane, including The Crown Public House and The Forge, are listed as being of architectural or historical importance. Trees and hedgerows are particularly important features within the village, as are the Recreation Ground and Cricket Ground which provide a spacious setting for development to the south of The Green.

Horsted Keynes Village Green is situated nearby to the Horsted Keynes Mission and the grassland Horsted Keynes Recreation Ground.

Birch Grove Conservation Area

Birch Grove Conservation Area was designated in 1990. The focal point of Birch Grove is a small triangular green, around which the majority of the buildings are clustered, away from the highway, the absence of through traffic results in a peaceful and attractive environment.

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