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Assets of Community Value

The Community Right to Bid was introduced in the Localism Act 2011. It allows local Councils and other local organisations to nominate buildings or other land for inclusion in the local authority's List of Assets of Community Value if they further the community's well-being or interests either at the time of nomination or in the recent past.

An asset stays on the List for 5 years, and renewal is possible.
If a listed asset comes up for sale, the community will have the opportunity to put in a bid for it. The community does not have a right of first refusal, but by listing an asset they will be given time to try and obtain the asset for the community. The owner does not have to accept the community's bid, even if it is the best offer made. A listing is also a material consideration for planning purposes and can make it difficult for the owner to change the use of the building or land.

In February 2019, the Parish Council nominated the Horsted Club as an asset to be placed on the List. It was placed on the List on the 18th July 2019 (Asset Name: The Royal British Legion; Asset Reference: ACV18).

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