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Parents & Tots (St Mary Magdalene)

Up-date of 25 May 2018

After half term, Parents and Tots will be starting at 9.15 am and finishing at 11.15 am. This is at the request of mums so they can come up to church soon after dropping older children off at Acorns and school.

The group meets in the church of St Mary Magdalene and is a service provided by Mothers' Union members for mothers, fathers, nannies, etc. – people who are looking after young children. We also like mums who are pregnant with first babies to come along and meet the group. It gives them a chance to meet and socialise with each other over a cup of coffee or tea.

The MU members lay out lots of activities for the children and often nurse babies to give mum a break. Also it's a chance to talk about various problems with the ones among us who have usually dealt with all these things at various times when we were young mothers.

We don't charge a fee but ask for a donation of £1 a month which you give to one of the helpers. This helps towards the cost of coffee, tea, biscuits, heating and lighting.

In the toilet there is a changing mat for babies and also a potty for older children.

For more information ring:

  • Ann Smith (01295) 760xxx
  • Audrey Beattie (01295) 768xxx