Lands & Markets Committee

Lands & Markets Committee is responsible for the management and maintenance of all lands owned by and leased to the Council, including managing the Pavilion, play area and skatepark on the the Pageant Field.
It also has responsibility for the organisation of the Saturday and Tuesday Markets in Market Hill.

Public Access

LANDS & MARKETS COMMITTEE MEETINGS usually take place on the third Wednesday of each month.


Info on the management and maintenance of:
The Pageant Field, including the play area and skatepark.
St Michael's Churchyard including the War Memorial and Town Clock.
The Cemetery
The Fens
The Allotments
Jeaffreson's Well
The Trees and tree works schedule


Info on the management of the two markets.
Add links to the market regulations and application for a pitch in the Visit Fram section

Pageant Field Pavilion

Intro to the Pavilion info and bookings page

Committee Terms of Reference & Action Plan

Links to the Terms and Reference for each committee and the Action Plan can be included here

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