East Bridgford Parish Council

Serving the people of East Bridgford

Parish Clerk: Sharon Ellis
20 Brownes Road, Bingham
Nottinghamshire NG13 8EF

Who we are & what we do

The Role of the Council

Our Parish Council serves to look after the interests of the community and aims to ensure that the village is, and remains a place in which we like to live. The role of the Council is described here.

Elected Councillors
The Parish Council is made up of 11 elected Councillors. Councillors are elected every four years by residents of the village, and we are always keen to attract new Councillors. If you are interested in becoming one and would like to know more about what is involved, please contact any of us.

There is currently 3 Councillor vacancies

Council Meetings
The Parish Council meets on the second Monday of each month, at 7.30 pm in the Methodist Chapel on Main Street. You will find the agenda of the next meeting posted on this web site, and also on the village noticeboards (one outside the Post Office on Main Street and one outside the Medical Centre).

Residents are very welcome to come to meetings to express their views and concerns, or just to listen. Time is always set aside for 'public comment' at the beginning of each meeting, so there is no need to stay for the whole session. You may also raise any issue with a Councillor and it will be discussed at the next meeting.

There are three committees: Planning, Policy, Personnel and Finance Committee and the Assets and Environment Committee. These meet when needed, and agendas are posted on this web site and on the village noticeboards. These are open meetings and all residents are very welcome to attend.


Councillors Registers of Interest

Councillors Contact Details

Councillors can be contacted via the following email addresses or alternatively please contact the clerk, Clare Fox, on 07737 052533 or at parishcouncil@eastbridgford.com

Chair - Philip Clarke - clarkephilipa@gmail.com - 01949 20822

Vice Chair - Monica Monni - cllr.m.monni@gmail.com

Councillor - Paul Bancroft - cllrbancroft@gmail.com - 01949 20812

Councillor - Jo Riddle - cllrriddle@gmail.com - 07751 686869

Councillor - Gill Stevens - cllrgillianstevens@gmail.com - 07395 124142

Councillor - Richard Thomas - cllr.r.thomas@gmail.com

Councillor - Michael Verner - cllrverner@gmail.com - 01949 20480

Councillor – Julz Dawson - cllrdawson@julzdawson.com

Members Code of Conduct

Parish Council Standing Orders

Our Staff

Sharon Ellis

Parish Council Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer

The clerk is employed by the parish council and 12 hours a week on average, usually in the afternoon. The clerk will respond to any communication within 24 hours Monday to Friday and within 48 hours over the weekend.

07737 0525333