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Castle Ashby Parish Council was formed in 1971, previously the Village held an annual Parish Meeting, whilst Parish Meetings were not governed by local authorities, they served as an opportunity for village residents to attend and address any concerns they had with minor matters within the village.

Derrick Dunn was very keen that Castle Ashby should be eligible to form its own Parish Council, having eventually received the authority to form a Parish Council, interested residents were invited to submit their names to stand as a Parish Councillor, five persons put their names forward, so no-election was necessary, and the new Parish Council was formed .

Hence the first meeting of the Castle Ashby Parish Council was held in 1971, and the Parish Council continues to served as a link between the residents of Castle Ashby and Chadstone and the West Northamptonshire Council in taking responsibility for domestic and road issues within the Parish.

The Parish Council meet four times a year, all Council business is discussed by the full Council, and we do not have any sub- committees, members of the Public are welcomed to attend the meetings, and there is an opportunity for members of the public to voice their concerns during the meetings.

Richard Dicks. (Chairman)


Clerk to the Parish Council

Mr Geoffrey Gill

01604 696203

Chairman of the Council

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