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Development Proposal: St. Wilfrid’s Square

The planning application submitted to Gedling Borough Council for a 3 storey development in the open space at the northern side of the St.Wilfrid's Square precinct has been approved. The proposed development consists of 4 retail units and 8 flats.

Calverton Parish Council discussed this application at its April 2017 meeting and objected strongly to the proposed development.

In the Council's view:

  • The design, scale and materials of the proposed development are completely inappropriate.
  • It will impact negatively on the built environment of the village centre, adversely affect current residents/businesses and harm Calverton's Conservation Area and its setting.
  • The proposals are not in conformity with Calverton's Neighbourhood Plan – which has recently been approved by referendum and formally made by Gedling Borough Council.

The development makes no provision for the additional car parking that it will generate and will significantly add to the ongoing car parking problems in the village.

Full details of the application (reference: 2017/0207) are on the Gedling Borough Council website. The Parish Council submitted substantial comments (see attachment shown below) and also collected around 1000 letters of objection, which were then submitted to Gedling Borough Council on behalf of local residents. Despite this Gedling Borough Council's Planning Committee approved the application.

Last updated: Sat, 19 Aug 2023 20:17