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Lawn Cemetery

Lawn Cemetery

The Parish Council operates the Cemetery on Mansfield Lane and maintains St Wilfrid's Church Yard.

Mansfield Lane Cemetery records date back to March 1887. It will be completely full in the next few years. The Council has set aside land on Hollinwood Lane as a Cemetery for when Mansfield Lane is closed.

The Cemetery has grave plots which can each accommodate up to 2 burials (in either coffins or caskets) and cremated remains plots which can each accommodate up to 4 caskets of ashes. In addition ashes can be scattered in the Garden of Rest.

Exclusive Rights of Burial over grave plots and cremated remains plots can not be pre-purchased. Rights over plots will be allocated as required upon receipt of application for interment (form C1).

Remembrance Garden

Remembrance Garden


The Cemetery is lawned and, therefore, limited memorials are permitted in order to allow for regular access for maintenance.
Prior permission to place any form of memorial in any part of the Cemetery grounds must be obtained from the Parish Council (and where appropriate the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial Deed) and the appropriate current fee must be paid.
Grave Plots – the Council permits the erection of a headstone only, and it must be within the current size guidelines of maximum height 3' and width 2'6".
Cremated Remains Plots – the Council permits flat memorial stones or wedges of maximum size 2' by 2'.
Garden of Rest – The Council permits memorial vases of maximum height 18" which must be placed in the areas set aside for such memorials and not on the lawned areas. Memorial plaques may also be erected on the board provided. For details of how to obtain memorial plaques please contact the Parish Clerk.

Memorial Benches can be sited in the Cemetery provided permission is obtained from the Council, there is a suitable location and the bench is of appropriate size and construction.

Where a memorial is found to be unsafe the owner will be informed and given a time limit to undertake repairs to make the memorial safe again. Where the time limit has lapsed the Council may undertake the repair and charge the owner or remove the memorial from the Cemetery.
The Council reserves the right to remove without notice any form of monument, memorial, stone, shrub, plant or item erected or placed in the Cemetery which does not comply with those currently permissible.

Fees and Charges

Please contact the Parish Clerk for detailed information regarding fees and charges.

Undertakers and Funeral Directors

To arrange for burials, interment and scattering of ashes the following forms will need to be completed as required:
Interment Form C1 – all cases.
Interment Form C2 – where the owner of the Right of Burial has inherited the right from the original Deed owner.
Interment Form C3 – where the Deed is not available.
Undertakers / Funeral Directors are advised to contact the Parish Council to arrange appropriate dates/times for interments at an early stage. Fully completed Interment Forms (as required) must be submitted to the Council at least 5 working days prior to the agreed interment date together with payment of appropriate fees.

Cemetery Chapel

Cemetery Chapel

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