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Ray's Test

This is the description.

* Required Field

Section A

This adds a blank section to the form. A bit like None/Text but there's no number. What does it do? I'm wondering if the section should restart the numbering?

This feild is for description only and doesn't have any input.


If you check this box please state why.

Section B

Not sure what this is?

Presumably will only allow numeric entry?

Enter your date of birth


This could be the time your event starts

// :

Presumably this will only be populated if the person completing the form is logged in?

Please Login or Register to continue.

I wouldn't have expected this to appear on the form but just to send the node information when the form is completed.

Doesn't seem to work?

Allows us to enter a picture to appear on the form.



Enetr your email address.