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Flower & Produce Show

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The annual Flower and Produce Show encourages people of all ages to grow and display fruits, vegetables and flowers and to demonstrate their skill in making preserves or baking bread and cakes.

It culminates in the annual show in the Reading Room, which is always well attended and raises money for local charities.

The show itself usually takes place on the Saturday of the August bank holiday weekend. To take account of the season, judging of the garden classes takes place in June and of hanging baskets in July.

While we take pride in our show, competition is friendly and the rules are kept simple to encourage as many people as possible to take part.

The show is organised by a volunteer committee and any new volunteers are always welcome. For more information please contact Phillip Ward on 01280 XXX or use the enquiry form.

The 2018 Flower and Produce Show

Hopefully the warm weather and recent rain means that gardens and crops are catching up from a slow start this year and will be encouraging people to think about their entries for the show. Schedules have now been distributed to all houses in the village and surrounding areas and a copy can be downloaded here.

Key dates for your diary:

• The show will take place on the Bank Holiday Saturday 25 August.
• Entries for classes 1 to 6 ( the garden classes) should be made by Wednesday 20 June.
• Judging for classes 1 to 4 will take place on 23 June.
• Judging for classes 5 and 6 (Hanging Baskets, wall troughs and patio displays) will take place on 19 July.
• Entries for all other classes should be made by 22 August.

Details of how to enter are in the show schedules

Last year we had a big increase in entries, it would be great to beat that this year!

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