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Didcot Town Council

Serving the people of Didcot

Town Clerk: Julie Perrin
Council Offices, Britwell
Road, Didcot, Oxfordshire
OX11 7HN


Didcot Town Council has five allotment sites in Didcot with some 415 plots. Allotments are a great way to grow your own produce and also a great way to keep fit.

These sites are at:
New Road
Wantage Road
Cockcroft Road
Mereland Road.

The majority of our plots are 15 yards by 10 yards - also known as 5 pole, but we do have some smaller plots which are suitable for people new to allotments (these are available on request).

We also have plots suitable for people with additional needs. Please contact the council offices for more information.

To apply for an allotment you will need to complete the short application form below and return it to the Town Council. A £40 returnable deposit is required before signing a tenancy. This is returned when the tenancy is terminated, providing the plot is given back to us in the same condition as it was given to you.

Home composting

Click here for information about home composting.

‚ÄčBonfires on allotment sites

Bonfires are only allowed on allotment sites at agreed times.

The dates for 2018 are:

Spring: Tuesday 3rd April 2018 - Tuesday 17th April 2018 inclusive

Autumn: Saturday 13th October - Sunday 28th October 2018 inclusive

Only rubbish generated from your own allotment plot to be burnt on site.


Do not leave bonfire unattended and always extinguish before leaving site.

Take into account wind direction – smoke should not interfere with the road or cause a nuisance to local residents.

Do not cause damage to neighbouring plots or wildlife.

Allotment charges

There is an annual fee for having an allotment which is due every April.

The fee for 2018/2019 financial year is £29.00 and £19.00 concession for a standard plot, or £5.80 and £3.80 (concessions) per pole.

Concessionary rates apply to allotment holders 65 years or over on April 1st of that rental year. Please contact the Town Council to let us know if your charge has changed to the concessionary rate.

Allotment site councillor representatives

The following appointments were made at the Environment Committee meeting held on 15th June 2015. The site representative can be contacted by email by clicking their name.

Broadway - Councillor Mr S Connel

Cockcroft Road - Councillor Mr T Bedford

Mereland Road - Councillor Mr A Dearlove

New Road - Councillor Ms C Augustine

Wantage Road - Councillor Mr J Hart

Allotment Rules

The tenant of an allotment shall comply with the following conditions in that he/she shall:

  • Keep the plot clean, clear of weeds and in a good condition
  • Not cause any nuisance or annoyance to the occupier of any other allotment garden; obstruct divert or reduce the width of any path or use barbed wire fence adjoining any path set out by the Council for the use of the occupiers of the allotment gardens
  • Not underlet, assign or part with the possession of the allotment garden or any part of it without the written consent of the council
  • Not, without the written consent of the Council, cut or prune any timber of other trees, except his/her own, or take or carry away any mineral, gravel, sand, soil or clay.
  • Not, without the written consent of the Council, erect any building on the allotment garden. Details of the permitted size, materials, etc can be obtained from the Council Office).
  • Observe and perform any special conditions which:
    1. the Council consider necessary to comply with conditions and/or covenants under which the Council hold the land
    2. the Council may consider it necessary to introduce for any other reason (allotment tenants will be given written notice when such conditions are introduced)
  • Tenants shall not cause or suffer any dog belonging to them or in their charge to enter or remain on the allotment site
  • No bonfires will be permitted except for at agreed times and dates.
  • No hosepipes will be allowed
  • Gates must be locked at all times
  • The key must be returned once the plot is given up
  • Action will be taken against any person causing malicious damage to Council property
  • No dumping on site or importing any garden waste/soil to site


Tenants who do not comply with the Rules or who do not pay their Allotment rent within a period of 40 days of it becoming due will, after due warning, have their tenancy terminated.


Rents for all sites are due on the 1st April in each financial year, and must be paid within 40 days of this date.

Only those tenants notified in writing by the Council and registered in the Council's records will be considered as the proper tenant of any plot. Tenants wishing to give up the tenancy of their allotment should notify the Council in writing at the Didcot Town Council Offices. These rules and notes supercede all previous rules issued by Didcot Town Council.