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Here are some recently asked questions

Public Art Project

The Public Art Project is being managed by Northampton Borough Council.

In 2007, the developers of the former British Timken site agreed with West Northamptonshire Development Corporation and Northamptonshire County Council that the sum of £50,000 would be paid for the purposes of commissioning facilities and providing public art (this was part of the Section 106 agreement). The money cannot be used for other purposes.

Tim Ward, who has been designing and implementing eye-catching public art since the 1980s, will be working closely with residents, schools and community groups through a series of public days and workshops up until the installation of the new artwork in summer 2016.

The second public consultation event was held at the St Luke's Centre on Saturday 20 February 2016 between 2pm-4.30pm

When will the Timken Gates be repainted?
The gates are the responsibility of the maintenance company who manage the Timken estate. The Parish Council has been in regular contact with them. The works will hopefully be carried out in October and November 2015 when the gates will be removed before being sandblasted and painted. The area surrounding the gates will be cut back and the brick pillars will be restored to the original state.

Update Jan 2016

The gates remain unpainted. The contractor has agreed to clear away all the overgrown bushes and shrubs from the brick pillars and behind. They will also remove all the debris and moss on the concrete area beneath the gates. This will be carried out in January. The painting of the gates and the railings is now expected to be carried out in February.

Update Mar 2016

Work has now started and the vegetation surrounding the gates and railings has been removed. The gates should be repainted by the end of March 2016


The gates and railings have now been repainted.

When will my road be resurfaced?
This is the responsibility of Northamptonshire County Council. Potholes and problems can be reported using Streetdoctor